Pigtail League Rules

Updated Sunday March 22, 2015 by Kris Marceca.

Rule Summary for AGSA Pigtail League.

The full rules are included here as an attachment and can be downloaded.


  • Game length:5 complete innings or 90 minute – no new inning can start after 75 minutes
  • Umpires: Yes, when available. If official umpire, they make all calls – NO discussion. If no official umpire, base coaches make calls at bases and offensive coach makes calls at plate.
  • Coaches in the field: 1 defensive coach allowed in field. Offensive coach allowed only if pitching.
  • Stealing: Not permitted
  • Outs: 3
  • Max. runs per inning: 5
  • Ball: 11″ Soft
  • # of players on Field: 6 infield, 4 outfield
  • Pitching (2nd grade): Coach Pitch-  no Tee
  • Pitching (3rd grade): Coach Pitch with kid pitch introduced in 2nd half of season (date to be determined by Commissioner)
  • Kid Pitch: (3rd grade only) Max 6 outs per game
  • Mound: 35 feet
  • Batting Order: Continuous
  • Called strikes**: No for 2nd grade teams. Yes, after a few games, for 3rd grade teams
  • Called balls: No
  • Foul Balls: Unlimited
  • Overthrows: No extra bases
  • Interference: Any ball that hits a player, base, umpire (on the field), or ball bucket is a LIVE ball and should be played
  • Hit to outfield: For 2nd grade teams, one extra base — For 3rd grade teams, run until ball in control in infield as determined by umpire or 1st base coach if no umpire

Pigtail Rules _ Updated-3-1-15.docx